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Potato, Egg And Bacon Salad

1Sweet Pepper, diced
1/2Onion, small, diced
1/2 TspRelish
1/4 TspMustard
2 TbspSalt
2 TbspPepper
2 TbspPaprika
1 DozenEggs, hard boiled
1/2 LbBacon, crisped
Parsley, fresh sprigs

1) Peel and Cube potatoes.
2) Boil until tender.
3) Refrigerate.
4) Dice nine of the hard boiled eggs.
5) Slice the rest of the eggs.
6) Combine all of the ingredients together, adding mayonnaise to desired consistency.
7) Top with sliced eggs, paprika and parsley sprigs.
8) Refrigerate for 3 hours.